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SkinCeuticals Facials

World renowned cosmeceutical skincare brand focused on creating skincare that centers on three main pillars:

All SkinCeuticals facials begin with an in-depth consultation to discuss your overall skinhealth and current skincare goals. 


Treatment will be customised to address your specific skincare requirements and a bespoke homecare plan will be created to help you work towards your optimal skin health.


All SkinCeuticals Facials are customised for Men & Women


Sothy's Hanakasumi™ Body Ritual

  • 60 minutes €120
A pure moment of wellbeing! A relaxing body ritual inspired by Japanese traditions.
Enjoy a sensorial escape to the heart of Japan and its beautiful blossoming cherry trees.
Warmed cherry blossom rice powder exfoliant and aromatic shea butter with deep foot massage relaxes you, leaving the outside world behind and sending you on a sensual voyage through orchards of cherry trees in bloom… cocooned in bliss!


Sothy's Athletes Deep Tissue Massage

  • 50 minutes €100
Specially designed for absolute comfort and relaxation combining deep smoothing and pressure, with drumming motions along areas of tension, this modelling helps relieve strain (due to exercise, stress, bad posture), stimulate and tone.
Athletes (experienced/amateur) : To tone and comfort the skin before or after exercise.
Non-athletes : To bring suppleness and tone to the skin
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